Your Dreams Will Not Surprise You

This might sound a little harsh,

but I think its important that we all just stop expecting our dreams to surprise us.
After listening to, reading, watching, and conversing with all sorts of people I would consider to be successful in many different arenas and capacities of life, I’ve found 3 things to be true in all of their stories: 1. They experienced failures in some capacity. 2. They got back at it at least one time more than however many times they failed. 3. They chose and executed a mindset, drive, and the actions that made sure that success would follow at some point in their lives.

People who have been successful have lived their lives in ways that warrant their dreams becoming reality, so they couldn’t and wouldn’t be surprised by their success.

When good things happen to us, we love to cite “luck”, “talent”, “belief” and “being in the right place at the right time” as the reasons for our recent “good fortune”.

And sometimes, those are the reasons why we experience little tastes of what could be the abundant lives we wish we could be living all the time.

But when the things we’ve always dreamt of while looking at the backs of our eyelids become realities before our wide-open eyes, it’s almost always because of something more than just “luck”.

The truth is that the life we want really is possible for so many of us, but we will never be surprised by it. In fact, if we are surprised by the life we want all suddenly coming true, it might cease to be the life we really want.

As lovely as it would be to wake up one day and have our dreams ready and waiting for us like gifts on Christmas morning, its incredibly rare that this would ever be the reality.

Sure, sometimes something great will happen, seemingly out of the blue, and we think that maybe the rest of our wildest dreams will also unfold in the same serendipetous fashion, but I’m here to tell you that most of your dreams WILL NOT SURPRISE YOU.

I would dare to suggest that in most cases, they will come true only if, when, and after you have come to EXPECT them. After the kind of life you live would only make sense to bring about the outcomes you’ve always dreampt of.

No matter what your definition of success, wildest dreams, or deepest desires, I believe one of the things that will take you the closest to them is to let go of the belief that one day, all of the sudden, we’ll wake up and these marvelous things will all be waiting for us on our doorsteps.

If they’re honest, many people don’t really believe that their dreams will ever actually come true anyway, so as an excuse for not actually doing anything to achieve them (and to keep themselves from looking foolish for ever even trying at all)  they let themselves go on wishing, hoping, and praying that if these dreams are meant to come true, they’ll just *surprise!* show up and become true for them one day.

Instead, we could be spending the same energy gathering the courage & gumption to live the kind of lives that remove roadblocks & any trace of doubt that our dreams will, in fact, become reality for us one day.

They say that if your dreams dont scare you, they’re not big enough.

I think we should live our lives in such a way that even our biggest and scariest dreams have no choice but to come true.

much love,