Amber created the Burned In Teacher brand over the course of her own teacher burnout journey to help other teachers who are facing a similar experience to come out on the other side more empowered.

To capture the different aspects of the Burned In Teacher brand, Amber and I wanted to create photos to promote the different types of content that she typically shares the most.

Through the Burned in Teacher brand, Amber has a podcast, offers courses & coaching, does speaking engagements, has email sequences & lead magnets, and is the author of a book. During our Brand Discovery meeting, we talked in-depth about each of these outlets to figure out what unique characteristics they offer and the best way to represent them in her photos.

We chose to get some behind the scenes photos of her content creation process, as well as to capture some of the emotions the teachers in her target audience most likely experience before, during and after working with her. Additionally, a lot of those photos represented Amber’s own journey to being a “burned-IN teacher” and are useful in explaining the steps she has walked and helps her fellow teachers to come to the other side of!

After our brand discovery call and planning meeting, it was time to schedule Amber’s Photoshoot! We chose to rent a local studio space and utilize a school classroom as our settings. We shot a few photos for our first theme, she would change clothes, we’d shoot a few more, and rinse and repeat!

After the photoshoot, I uploaded all of the usable images (776 total 😬) into an online gallery for Amber to choose her 90 favorites for me to edit. I edited her photos including adjustment of exposure and color temperature in order to give all of her images a fairly similar look and feel. I always like including some selective black and white copies as well, so once that was done, I uploaded all of the finished, edited high resolution jpg images to the online gallery for her to begin using right away! I think Amber did an amazing job choosing images that are fun and convey her personality, while keeping her brand cohesive and clear!

If you want to see how Amber has been utilizing her personal brand photos, you can find her here:

Instagram: @theburnedinteacher