Beautiful, personalized images that can help you share more of who you are, what you hope to bring to the world, and what sets your brand apart.


We all know how important great images are to creating a curated and attractive personal brand!  Let’s sit down and talk about your personal brand and the kinds of photos you need to help your followers know what you’re all about.

Personal Brand Photography is unique because it includes 4 key components:

  1. An initial consultation call or meeting to determine what aspects of you and your brand we’ll be highlighting and focusing on to convey your personality, message, story, and values.
  2.  A planning meeting to figure out the logistics of our photoshoot and what types of locations, props, hair & makeup, wardrobe, colors and activities will best convey your story and message.
  3. One-time or quarterly photoshoots throughout the year so you always have new, fresh images to use for social media, on your website or blog, and anywhere else your brand will be represented!  Each photoshoot will last up to 3 hours and can include up to four “scenes” (hair & makeup looks, outfit & location changes, etc.)
  4. After the photoshoot, you choose the 90 (or more) images that you like best for me to do basic editing on (exposure, color balance, etc).  I return your edited images within 5 days with a commercial usage license.  Essentially, this means you can edit, crop, apply a filter or preset if you already have a specific look going, and can use the photos anywhere you represent yourself or do business online without any type of photographer credit (although if you do choose to credit me, it will always make my day!)

Single-session Personal Brand Photography Beta Sessions start at $800

Interested in knowing more about personal brand photography?  Start here by filling in some basic info about your current brand (or vision for a future brand) and I’ll get in touch with you!