My name is Anna Barker, and I’m a Personal Brand and Wedding photographer from Fort Wayne, Indiana. It’s an absolute honor for me to help people see the things that matter the most to them, come to life through photos.

I’ve enjoyed being behind the camera for a while now. I got my first disposable camera when I was 7, and I still remember being so excited about being able to actually take my *own* pictures of things I thought would make good photos.

It definitely had it’s own…ahem…”aesthetic”, but fortunately, I’ve learned some things since then and had the privilege of being asked to photograph my first wedding in 2015. Things sort of snowballed from there and shortly after that, I dropped out of the college graphic design program I was in to build my photography business and I’ve never regretted it! I love being able to run my own business (even if wearing all the different hats is also one of the hardest things I’ve ever done). Giving people a tangible representation of the moments, people, and things they hold most precious in life…That’s where it’s at!

When I’m not behind my camera, I’m usually hanging out with my 4 year old playing some type of pretending game or getting him snacks and juice. I know I’m biased, but I think he’s the bomb and I love being his mom…even if it does mean watching copious amounts of Veggie Tales. (Low key, I’m not mad about it.)

I’m constantly inspired and blessed by the fact that I get to work with the awesome people that I do, and that I get to hear their stories and create personalized photos that put the spotlight on the things that mean the most to them. I would love a chance to share your story so please, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Thanks for visiting and I’d love to hear from you!

much love,