The Beginning.

Esmond 80

As I sit here to write the first post of the Anna Barker Photography blog, I’m a little blown away.

By the fact that I get to do what I do.

By all the people who have influenced, taught, inspired, instructed, constructively criticized, participated, assisted, backed up, encouraged, believed and trusted me enough to help me embark on this adventure.

By all the events leading up to and pointing out the importance of photographs in my life.

By all the photographs I get the privilege of having that remind me of the mystery and magic of past memories.

By all the moments that happened when I was in the right place in order for me to snatch them up and make them last at least a little while longer.

By all the places and people who have taken my breath away and been so worth capturing.

Thank you.  Thank you mom, for getting so many photos while we were growing up, even when the rest of us grumbled about it.  Thank you dad, for keeping such good track of and digging up said photos.  Thank you Sarah for being one of my first models.  Thank you Olivia for being the first person to trust me with capturing your big day.  Thank you, various teachers for teaching me what not to do and to let the rest come naturally, but correctly.

Thank you Jake for being so supportive and free in letting me find what I really love doing.

Thank you, Lord, for, in the midst of difficulties and ugliness, a world also so chalked full of beauty and that this can be the inspiration for what I get to do.


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