M E G A N | Fort Wayne Senior Photography | Summer Session


Meet Megan!  Megan is a 2017 Senior who also happens to be my cousin’s daughter, which technically (I’ve googled, to be sure) makes her my first cousin once removed.  Fun fact: the correct way to address your cousin’s children is niece or nephew, even though you’re a form of cousin (I think we’ll just stick with first names here).

Megan is a 4 Season Senior, meaning that we’ll be doing one Senior Photography Session in every season of her senior year!  I love the idea of documenting each season of a senior’s last year of high school with photos they can always look back on.  Since it’s such a time of change and transitions (and I’m such a sucker for nostalgia), I think the ability to have a snapshot of each season from such an important year can be such a priceless thing to have!

With this being Megan’s summer session, we wanted to make sure to take full advantage of the vibrant greens and golden colors that summer brings with it- especially during golden hour (basically an hour before the sun sets, when it gives off a really pretty, warm light).  I also loved the colors Megan chose to wear for these photos!  They played so well with the natural colors that were already all around us!

We started our session in a field behind a white barn and ended it on a nearby bridge over one of Fort Wayne’s 3 main rivers.  The sun was in a perfect spot behind some trees nearby for most of our session, and in some of these shots, it came through and brought some nice warmth and even a few sun flares with it! This session was a lot of fun and I’m really excited for our fall session coming up in a bout a month or so.  Stay tuned! But for now, here are some of my favorites from Megan’s summer session!  Enjoy!