Alicia & Noel | Fort Wayne Winter Wedding

Alicia & Noel’s winter wedding in Fort Wayne, Indiana was on the same day as one of the biggest and first snows of this winter! Alicia and her bridesmaids started the day getting their hair and makeup done at In Touch Salon with drinks from Mocha Lounge next door to keep them warm. (Why every salon and coffee shop don’t move in next door to each other is beyond me because it’s brilliant if you ask me!)

 From there, we all headed to the Foehlinger-Frieman Botanical Conservatory Gardens to get the majority of the portraits for the day. Thank you Lord for climate control.  The Botanical Gardens are really popular place to get photos in Fort Wayne during the winter since all of our trees are pretty much bare from mid November to late March, but fortunately there were hardly any other people there getting photos on Noel & Alicia’s wedding day and we practically had it all to ourselves!

Even though I’m so grateful I didn’t have to sacrifice my fingers and toes in order to get the majority of our portraits outside, if you stick around till the end, you’ll see the adorable “just married” photos we got to take outside in the Joseph Decuis emporium courtyard and then on a picturesque street in downtown Roanoke as big fluffy snowflakes floated down.  Noel put his jacket on Alicia and it was just like one of those adorable end scenes in a Hallmark movie.  It was the perfect way to end the day as they ran back inside to stay cozy and enjoy their intimate dinner reception with their closest family and friends.

Alicia & Noel, thank you for asking me to be your photographer, and for being so fun and easygoing to work with! I can tell that you two are a great fit for one another, and I pray for the best blessings on your marriage and your life together!

much love, Anna

JORDAN + KRISTI | Warren, Indiana Summer Wedding

Kristi and Jordan’s beautiful and sweet summer wedding in Warren, Indiana was such a delight to be able to photograph!  From the Church sign congratulating them on their wedding to the hilarious last pose of our full bridal party shots, this wedding was such a fun one to be a part of!

This wedding ended up having a lot of fantastic photo locations!  The sanctuary where the ceremony was held had such warm, glowy light, and the weather was perfect the entire day (even though the weather predictions were not very optimistic).  The location where Jordan and Kristi had their First Look and we did our full bridal party portraits could not have been more perfect and I explain the story behind it a little more around the First Look portion of the post!

I’m excited for you to see these pictures, so let’s get into the Bowlds Wedding Album!



I love it when venues congratulate a bride and groom on their sign!


We started with portraits of the Groom and his men since they were ready a little before the Bride and maids were.






Next, we did portraits of the beautiful bride and her lovely maids!




And then . . . Drumroll . . . my favorite part of almost any wedding day . . . THE FIRST LOOK!





One thing I love about First Looks is that they are so candid and every bit of excitement and joy you see on Kristi and Jordan’s faces is completely real.  After the first look, we took some bride and groom portraits really beautiful location I had found beforehand! A few days before the wedding, I hopped onto google maps to take a virtual tour of Warren since I had never been there before.  I found a little clearing that intrigued me, but google wouldn’t let me look at it very closely, so before the wedding, I drove to the spot I had found, discovered that it was the perfect, private spot for our photos, and got permission to use it!  It turned out to be the perfect little spot, and the weather even cooperated with us!  It was overcast while we took these!

We all headed back to the church and got ready for the ceremony!  The sanctuary was beautifully well lit, and had a warm, and glowy feel that couldn’t have been more perfect for exchanging wedding vows!






After the ceremony, we headed out to take full bridal party photos and a few of those sweet “just married” photos!









One of the groomsmen actually had the idea for the pose below and I absolutely loved everything about how it turned out!!!



Jordan and Kristi,

You two are so obviously in love, your friends and family know it and the beauty of your wedding certainly reflected it as well!  I’m so glad I got to capture so many memories for you from your wedding day and I’m excited for your adventure ahead!



ERIC + DANAE | Indiana Summer Wedding

Eric and Danae’s Indiana Summer wedding in the country was such a lighthearted, joyful day!  I have known Eric and his family for years, so when he asked me to be their wedding photographer, I was so excited and honored to get to photograph their day!! The first photos in their collection we got the night before, after their rehearsal dinner.  I knew we wouldn’t be able to get photos at the same time while the sun was setting on their actual wedding day and since I had them both, my camera, and a really gorgeous sunset, I asked them if we could do a mini sunset session, and they obliged!

Eric + Danae-3

Eric + Danae-1

Eric + Danae-6




We started with Bride and Bridesmaid portraits.

Eric + Danae-108

Eric + Danae-64

Eric + Danae-75

After Bride and bridesmaid portraits, I sent the girls in to take a break, freshen up, and cool off a bit (it was a pretty warm day) while we did the Groom and Groomsmen Portraits.

Eric + Danae-216

Eric + Danae-212

Eric + Danae-207

Eric + Danae-112

There is something about the bride and groom having those moments together before the ceremony to see each other for the first time on their wedding day that is almost magical.  First looks are literally one of my absolute favorite parts of being a wedding photographer, and was one of my favorite parts of my own wedding day too.  Eric and Danae’s first look was no less fantastic.

Eric and Danae wanted their parents to be there for their first look, so Danae and her parents headed out first, and Eric and his parents followed a few minutes later.

Eric + Danae-146

Eric + Danae-151

Eric + Danae-189

Eric + Danae-184

Eric + Danae-183

Eric + Danae-185

Eric + Danae-176

Eric + Danae-170

Eric + Danae-161

Eric + Danae-164

We finished up with our first look photos and Eric and Danae went in to finish getting ready!

The last few moments before the ceremony…

Eric + Danae-133

Eric + Danae-219

Eric + Danae-266

And the ceremony sendoff of the happy couple!

Eric + Danae-293

After Eric and Danae went around the block, they came back for a few full-party photos.

Eric + Danae-314

Eric + Danae-313

And the reception!

Eric + Danae-325

Eric + Danae-371

Eric + Danae-343

A few last shots before the new Mr. & Mrs. left!

Eric + Danae-431

Eric + Danae-434

The End.  But also (are you ready for some cheese?) The Beginning. ❤

Eric and Danae, thanks for giving me the honor of photographing your wedding day.  It was sweet, meaningful, and God-honoring and I know your marriage will be the the same.