C A M D E N | May 2016 Portraits

I was so thrilled when Rachel messaged me, asking if I would be able to do a portrait session with her son, Camden!  This sweet little guy’s uncle was actually in Jake and my wedding and the whole family means a lot to us, so it was special to me to be able to take photos of Camden!Continue reading “C A M D E N | May 2016 Portraits”

M O S E S | 3.16.16 Newborn

Moses is an adorable little guy who I got to capture some newborn photos of!  The day we had our photo shoot, the weather was SO beautiful, but the clouds were all over the place, so a few photos were more sunny than others.  Since we took almost all the photos indoors, next to windows atContinue reading “M O S E S | 3.16.16 Newborn”

E D E N | 3.3.16 Newborn

My friend Katie recently had a sweet little baby girl that I got to take pictures of! I’m not sure when a baby is officially not a newborn anymore, but I think only being 2 1/2 weeks old still qualifies as a newborn (which was how old Eden was for this photo shoot). Her cutieContinue reading “E D E N | 3.3.16 Newborn”