M O S E S | 3.16.16 Newborn

Moses is an adorable little guy who I got to capture some newborn photos of!  The day we had our photo shoot, the weather was SO beautiful, but the clouds were all over the place, so a few photos were more sunny than others.  Since we took almost all the photos indoors, next to windows at his parents house, the harshness of the sunlight was softened up a little bit and made for a nice, bright scene.  Plus, I did my best to equalize the exposure levels in photoshop too (TGFPhotoshop, amiright?).  Here are some of my favorites from our session!  My extra favorites are the last few of Moses and his mom, Julia.  You can tell this little guy is very loved and I’m sure Julia and her husband Jared are going to be an absolute naturals at parenting!

Moses 17

Moses 15

Moses 16 bw

Moses 18