Breosha | Fort Wayne 2017 Senior Photography

Just as you would expect, this fall was quite a whirlwind of photo sessions, transition, and of course, leaves!  It was busy and I’m just now getting to blog about all the fun sessions I got to do!  Bre kicked off the Fall senior photo sessions I had this year.  We started her session at the Solomon Farm Park Trail which I believe to be one of the most beautiful places in Fort Wayne – especially in the Fall!




For the second portion of Bre’s Senior Photo session, we took the party downtown for a little more of a modern feel!  If you’ve ever driven downtown from Northern Fort Wayne in the fall, you’ve probably seen how the trees on Clinton by Headwater’s park almost seem to be lit with color from the sun shining on the leaves.  I was so glad we were able to get Bre’s senior photos during sunset during the week that there were just enough leaves in the trees but also on the ground.  It was exactly the scene that what I think of when I think of Fall in the city.






Bre, Thank you for letting me be your photographer and for running around Fort Wayne with me for this session!  I had such a fun time with you and I hope the rest of your senior year is absolutely wonderful, along with the rest of the adventure that lies ahead for you!