S A R A H | Sunset Session Portraits

She literally got ready for this shoot in 7 minutes.  Just enough time for me to drive over, pick her up, and head to a nearby clearing that we were fortunate enough to live close to in order to catch the sun before it went down too far beyond the horizon line.  I would normally never force anyone to be in such a hurry for a shoot, but she’s my awesome, roll-with-the-punches sister and she let me do this to her (plus, I promised not to publish any photos without her okaying  them).  Kudos to Sarah on being awesome – for this photos shoot and in general.

The day before this sunset session with Sarah, I had shadowed/assisted another photographer whose work I really admire for a wedding she was shooting.  She took some sunset bride and groom shots that turned out beautifully, so I was itching to try out a session around sunset, shooting into the sun also.

I’ve always been a sucker for gorgeous sunsets, so being able to tie a sunset into photos was too exciting for me to not try it out the next chance I got.  I grabbed a floor mat from my car for her to sit on, and she brought a sweater and a hat.  We headed into the field hoping and praying we wouldn’t run into any snakes or ticks (we didn’t) and here is what we got!

Sarah Water-45

Sarah Water-42

Sarah Water-38

Sarah Water-14

Sarah Water-2



C A M D E N | May 2016 Portraits

I was so thrilled when Rachel messaged me, asking if I would be able to do a portrait session with her son, Camden!  This sweet little guy’s uncle was actually in Jake and my wedding and the whole family means a lot to us, so it was special to me to be able to take photos of Camden!  When Rachel messaged me and said “Camden is growing so fast, and I have yet to get photos done of him!”, as simple as it was, it reminded me of why I love being a photographer.  Although we all know that time passes quickly, babies seem to remind us of that with how fast they grow and change.  It’s just a little harder to remember that time is moving by all of us at the same rate, even though we aren’t all still growing quite so quickly. 😉

Camden was born early and spent the first weeks of his life in the NICU.  As I’ve watched his family go through the journey that has been Camden’s life since he was born, I’m grateful to celebrate someone so small that has already had such an impact on the people around him.

As you probably know, I really enjoy being able to take photos that highlight the little things.  One reason why I enjoy doing newborn and baby photos every now and then is that I get to capture those details that seem to change so quickly so that they will last- even after those tiny fingers and toes aren’t so tiny anymore.  All of this to say, I’m glad I get to do what I do.  To capture moments, details, and the little things that won’t last forever is a privilege and an adventure that I’m glad to be a part of.

Here are my favorites from my session with Camden and some of his family.  Enjoy!


M A D I S O N | 4.6.16 Portraits

Portrait sessions have a totally different vibe from the high energy of a photographing a wedding, and I really enjoy both types of photography for different reasons.  This photoshoot with Madison was so relaxed and she was such a natural at posing!  Madison asked me to do this portrait session particularly because she needed a few head shots for her audition for the Broadway musical, Hamilton!  Good luck Madison!  Here are a few of my favorites from our shoot!