G R A C E + J E S S E | Country Chic Indiana Wedding

Grace and Jesse’s sweet summer wedding was a mix of Country, Vineyard, and Chic.  Although it wasn’t actually held on a vineyard, Stillwater Retreat in Yoder, Indiana’s wide open field in which they held their ceremony, beautiful little clearings surrounded by trees where we took our bride and groom portrait photos, and stonework in the lodge whereContinue reading “G R A C E + J E S S E | Country Chic Indiana Wedding”

Be Vulnerable.

Vulnerability is a fascinating thing, but most people are too afraid of it to ever reap the benefits. If someone has the self-awareness and the guts to identify their own vulnerabilities, it’s usually only in their own mind and maybe in their journal, or whispered to their best fried or significant other.  And even then, barely.  At least I know that’s the case forContinue reading “Be Vulnerable.”