M O S E S | 3.16.16 Newborn

Moses is an adorable little guy who I got to capture some newborn photos of!  The day we had our photo shoot, the weather was SO beautiful, but the clouds were all over the place, so a few photos were more sunny than others.  Since we took almost all the photos indoors, next to windows atContinue reading “M O S E S | 3.16.16 Newborn”

D E V A N T E + Z O E | 3.4.16 Wedding

As I’ve mentioned in the sneak peek posts on Instagram and Facebook, the Carlisles are such a sweet couple (and obviously so in love)!  They met and started dating in high school and have been together ever since!  Their wedding date was really important to them since it was actually their 6 year anniversary together asContinue reading “D E V A N T E + Z O E | 3.4.16 Wedding”

E D E N | 3.3.16 Newborn

My friend Katie recently had a sweet little baby girl that I got to take pictures of! I’m not sure when a baby is officially not a newborn anymore, but I think only being 2 1/2 weeks old still qualifies as a newborn (which was how old Eden was for this photo shoot). Her cutieContinue reading “E D E N | 3.3.16 Newborn”